6 Reasons to Work in Los Angeles' Tech Industry

Los Angeles has a flourishing tech hub.

Los Angeles is the 6th best IT city worldwide—with a stable economy and a flourishing hub of innovative companies.

Los Angeles also offers a diverse work culture.

The wide range of personalities, races, gender, cultures, and perspectives make LA a diverse hotspot that’s like no other in the country.

Los Angeles offers inclusive workplaces.

Tech jobs in Los Angeles go above and beyond to ensure that their staff feel a sense of belonging and support. This inclusive culture helps increase employee engagement and productivity

There’s an opportunity to work from home

Most LA tech jobs don’t need you to work the typical 9 to 5 schedule. If you’re not a fan of the traditional nine-to-five routine and would rather work night shifts or have a flexible schedule, then tech jobs in Los Angeles might be your cup of tea

Chance of network and push your tech career forward.

LA has a massive network of industry peers you could connect with and a ton of outlets for continued professional development. You don’t have to worry about career stagnancy when moving to LA.

Amazing Salaries.

Tech salaries in Los Angeles are pretty amazing. Median Tech Wage in L.A. is 126% higher than rest of nation. With the overflowing stream of opportunities, you’ll get paid a reasonable amount of money that can cover your basic needs.


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  • Transportation. Transportation/travel is an industry that will never cease to evolve with tech innovation
  • Education
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Five Industries destined for Technological Disruption

  1. Healthcare. If you think everything is fine in the healthcare space, you probably haven't been to the doctor recently or looked at your medical bills
  2. Construction
  3. Real estate
  4. State and local government
  5. Finance and insurance

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